Jury Members

Antal Károlyi – Head of the Jury

Antal Károlyi is business angel and entrepreneur since 2010, and president of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. He co-founded Traction Tribe, a tech accelerator. His investments include Publio, a self-publishing portal and Commsignia, a connected car venture. He currently focuses on SignCoders, a software developer company employing sign language speakers. He firmly believes that CEE social entrepreneur communities have huge untapped potential and he plays an active role in building them.

Beáta Borzási, Chili Nights

Bea loves to combine business, people, and science. She works as a data scientist at and is the co-founder of 6:20 Chili Nights, a monthly event that aims to shake up the classic CEE entrepreneurial mindset with experiences from US by promoting openness, collaboration and honesty. The program helps early stage startups and social enterprises to overcome their challenges with the power of a diverse community of experts. In the past 3 years she helped over 100 businesses preparing their pitches while convincing them about the power of asking questions.

Barbara Erős, MagNet Community Bank

Barbara is the Head of Civil and Community Relations at MagNet Bank since 2017. She involves Hungarian civil society, social enterprises in the bank’s community grant programs, capacity and community development efforts or develops specific banking products. She gained expertise in advocacy; policy and grant program design; community-, strategy- and organizational development; team building and leadership; impact and fundraising/finance. Previously she acted as the country representative of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in Hungary and Slovenia, later became the Strategic Program Manager and Vice-CEO of Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (Demnet) in Hungary and in the Western Balkans. She also took on active role in influencing European Commission’s policies on civil society, social enterprises and social innovation.

Gergő Iváncsics, Impact Ventures

Gergő is an investment manager at Impact Ventures Private Equity Funds, passionate about social and environmental innovation. With a focus on technology enabled social enterprises, Impact Ventures invests in the early stage, supporting top-notch social ventures in impact & business growth throughout Europe.

Anna Magos

Anna is an organisational psychologist and pioneer in effective learning methods and technologies. She worked as an organizational development consultant at Corporate Values Ltd. Now, she is the catalyst of Practify’s business development team. At Practify, she is working on creating a methodology and software to make sure that knowledge and skills are reinforced after training programmes, thus maximizing training programmes’ impact.

Richard Majsai

Richard is the Freelancer of the year in Hungary 2018, he does online marketing to help different businesses grow their market and generate new customers. He is working with clients such as Coca Cola, KÖKI Terminal or WAVE Trophy. He created a freelancer collective called Majsair Design where he works together with his team to grow businesses. Next to that, he is the creator of MentorTribe a community created for young people to help starting entrepreneurship. And also a writer of which is a site that helps people learn about freelancing.

Zsolt Pethe, FASE, Ashoka

Over the past 20 years, Zsolt has accumulated a unique blend of business background and non-profit experience. Zsolt spent six years building a start-up Hungarian NGO focused on youth engagement and experiential education, for which he was elected an Echoing Green global fellow in 2001. Having built a stable organization, he was recruited by GE Capital and spent the following ten years in various leadership positions in banking. Always keen on helping mission-driven organizations develop, he set out to follow his passion and became Country Representative for Ashoka Hungary in 2015. As of 2018, Zsolt is also working with FASE on developing a diverse eco-system around social finance across the CEE region.

Daniel Vincz

Daniel Vincz is an IT engineer and entrepreneur. He started his first company while in college dealing with clients from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and US. Right after he launched his startup, UniBreeze, raised capital and gained traction in Hungary, US and UK. Since then he is mentoring and educating Hungarian startups on how to get results faster with less mistakes. He gained international experience by working in Switzerland and in China. Currently he is leading the Business Development Team of the high-priority Hungarian governmental program called INPUT – that aims to help Hungarian startups go global. In his free time he enjoys travelling and getting to know new people and cultures and constantly challenging the status quo.


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